‘The Witch’: Feminism isn’t just for Satan anymore

Compact Culture

Spoilers, ye who enter here.

Hidden deep within the skeletal woods of The Witch lies a story of female empowerment where satanic magic is the least of our concerns. The patriarchal terror at the center of The Witch is its most sinister villain. Banished from the established community, our Puritan family ventures to the edges of a deep forrest, where peering into the nearby woods yields only darkness, and the family is free to farm and pray in solitude. Robert Egger’s New England folktale draws much of its dialogue from historical texts to paint a portrait of Puritan life that is rich in detail and authenticity (and whose eerie and unnerving soundtrack excels in establishing the atmosphere). But as the Witch of the Woods slowly begins to reveal herself and leave a path of destruction and deceit in her wake, the limits of Puritanical society are tested. The Witch may well be a certified satanic…

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