Smashcuts’ Guide To The Top 33 TV Shows of 2015

Quantifying exactly how much television you have watched in a year is a humbling, disgusting, and oddly gratifying experience. Gratifying in that 2015 fifteen was a huge year, not only in sheer minutes watched, but huge for this site in particular. I wrote my first film review here in January 2014. A little under a year and a half later, that number climbed to a hearty… three. That’s roughly when I decided to be more engaged and initiate discussions in film & television, an industry that I have worked and (hope to) continue to work in. Since then, your feeds have been inundated with many reviews, and a good deal of new readers have flooded the site. In the latter of 2015, I partnered with my friend (and much more experienced reviewer) Andy Stone to aggregate our musings on music, TV, and movies into a master site, Compact Culture. If you have not already, check out Andy’s best of 2015 list for all things audio.

Now for the humbling part. I fully admit, even with my gross capacity for binge watching, I have missed some shows. If I haven’t watched the series and current season in its entirety, they did not make the list. As such, here are the notable omissions this year: Rectify, Transparent, Orphan Black (Season 2), The Good Wife, Orange Is The New Black (Season 2), Brooklyn 99, Empire, Outlander, BoJack Horseman (Season 2), Portlandia (Season 5), Show Me A Hero, Justified, Girls, and Banshee. That list looked a lot smaller the first time. Despite watching literally days (maybe weeks) worth of programming (disgusting), I promise to do better next year rather than scrambling to finish entire seasons at the end of December.

Hope you enjoy these structured ramblings. I would love to discuss any of these with you, whether you agree or disagree. Let’s go.

Top 33 TV Shows of 2015

Part 1: Dishonorable Mentions & #33 thru #29

Part 2: #28 thru #23

Part 3: #22 thru #17

Part 4: #16 thru #11

Part 5: #10 thru #6

Part 6: #5 thru #3

Part 7: #2 and #1

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